How to choose a training venue (Part 2)

In the second of our series, we share important points that all training organisers need to consider when booking your next training session. The first part of this article can be found here

6. Flexible breaktimes

Despite the best of intentions, sessions may run longer than planned and so break times may be liable to change, or you may even need to create an impromptu break. Make sure your venue has the flexibility to cater for this by having lots of communal space and that teas and coffees are available at any time that you need to have a break.

7. A knowledgeable, professional and interested venue team

Speak to your venue team and get to know them; a good team will know their venue(s) inside out and will be ready and willing to help you get the best out of the venue. They will know about training events and which of their rooms will be best suited to your individual needs, your event, your trainees and what you need to achieve.

8. A professional venue

Consider how the look and feel of the venue impacts on the professionalism of your course. A professionally run training centre with a friendly and knowledgeable receptionist will instil confidence and trust in your trainees.  This is particularly important when encouraging people to book face to face training again; they will be reassured to come to a venue that has Covid policies and procedures in place. You can read how we are keeping you safe here.

9. Sustainability

Sustainability is important to you, your company and your delegates. You need to ensure that your venue is taking a serious approach to sustainability. Ask your venue what measures they are taking to reduce their carbon foot print, to avoid food waste and to source responsibly grown food. Ask if they have a policy that you can share with your delegates – because they do care and this could impact on their choice of training provider. Work with a venue that has this covered so you don’t have to worry about this element of your training. The Venues Collection has a Future First Charter that explains all of the ways in which we are working for a more sustainable future, you can read it here.

10. Chain benefits

If you organise multiple training sessions all over the country, you may find it beneficial and a lot easier if you work with a collection or a chain of venues. Benefits include knowing that each venue will be following the same consistent guidelines and offering the same service and level of food provision; that you can make one booking and that you can deal with the same people each time. Our collection of seven venues stretches from the West and East Midlands down to the South West and South East of England. You can see them all here.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our pointers. Our knowledgeable team is happy to help and to discuss your training venue needs, please contact us on:

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