Are you experiencing sustainability fatigue?

We all know that we have to act now and make our training and events more sustainable, but where do you start? There’s so much information out there about creating sustainable events that it can feel confusing, exhausting and overwhelming.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and feel that you simply don’t know what to do, or feeling helpless you may be suffering with sustainability fatigue.

“It’s a phrase that describes how people feel when they’re bombarded by bad news and start to shut down, or worse, give up,” says Gideon Forman, climate lead at the David Suzuki Foundation in Toronto. “It’s also something that we, as a society, have to do everything in our power to fight because we’re at a tipping point in human history where we face a climate crisis, a biodiversity crisis and the extinction of many animal species due to climate change as well.”

When a major company launches a sustainability journey, it normally starts with high expectations explains Chris Laszlo, an author and associate professor of organizational behaviour at the Weatherhead School of Management. “After these efforts yield early positive results, however, ‘sustainability fatigue’ sets in.”

When this happens, it can be easy to slide into feeling helpless and that your efforts won’t make any difference. But as event and training organisers you do have the ability to make your actions count and to take responsibility back. You also have the power to influence your delegates; you may think that the sheer act of holding an in-person event feels unsustainable, but if your event then influences your delegates to act differently and become more sustainable in their actions – even if it’s just one small change – then it is well worth the investment.

To combat sustainability fatigue, there are some small steps that you can take to get you back onto your green journey:

Focus on the small things: Concentrate on changing one thing at a time. Be solution driven and focus on what you can do rather than worry about what you can’t. Psychologically, you will feel so much better knowing that you have made one small change, and it will inspire you to carry on and make more small changes – and it is worth remembering that even the smallest of actions all add up.

Look for some easy wins: Take a look at the disposable elements of your event and make sure you ditch anything that is single use – from straws and plastic bottles, to pens and note pads.

Focus on food: In many cases, it is the food of the event that is both the biggest financial outlay and the biggest source of potential negative environmental impact. Talk to your caterer, or choses a venue that has a focus on sustainable food choices. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, tap into their expertise and experience of creating sustainable menus

Take a short cut: Work with a venue that is sustainably focused and has achieved or is working towards a credential such as the Green Tourism Green Meetings accreditation.

Go all in: Find a venue that has a green day delegate rate (DDR) package, so you can take advantage of all their work!

The Venues Collection want to make sustainability easy for you. That’s why, as part of our Future First Charter we created our ‘Meetings for Change’ Day Delegate package.

The Charter outlines our commitments in three areas – each with its own measurable goals. Our commitments are integrally linked with our three brand pillars of great food, great service, great space. These areas are People Pledge, Food Focus & Enriching Environments.

Our Meetings for Change Day Delegate Rate starts from £25 inc VAT and includes:

  • Main meeting room, perfect for your event
  • Unlimited tea, coffee and refreshments throughout the day. We believe in ethical sourcing. Our teas and coffees come from responsible suppliers. Our chocolate is Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified. All our milk is Red Tractor Assured.
  • Refillable water in the meeting room, plus unlimited access to hydration stations around the venue. We believe in zero waste. We use fruit and vegetable peelings to flavour our water.
  • Buffet Lunch – Prioritising British seasonal ingredients and plant-forward options to help reduce our climate impact. Find out why buying British matters.
  • A stationary box and note pads are available for your delegates use – To minimise waste and support our sustainability objectives you’ll find note pads, pens and other stationary at the back of the room. Please feel free to take what you need, but only what you’ll use.
  • Complimentary WI-FI access
  • A projector and screen
  • A flipchart and pens (available on request)
  • Complimentary onsite car parking (subject to availability) – Although we do encourage delegates to car share or use public transport wherever possible.
  • An Event Manager, to ensure your day runs smoothly

Did you know we have achieved Venue Directory’s Green Accreditation? Having this green accreditation demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, allowing you to book with confidence that our venue is a greener choice for your event.


Sustainability is such a huge subject, but it is worth remembering that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. We can help you in your sustainable journey – please contact our team on:

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