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Sam Morgan Recognised in Micebook Green Power 50 for Leading Sustainable Initiatives

In recognition of his leadership and dedication to sustainability, Sam Morgan, the Executive Head Chef at The Venues Collection, has been awarded a prestigious place in the Micebook Green Power 50.

This accolade highlights his innovative efforts to reduce the environmental impact of events, promote sustainability, and drive significant changes within the events and catering industry.

Sam’s commitment to sustainability can be seen through a series of groundbreaking initiatives. One of the most noteworthy was the introduction of carbon labelling to restaurant and event menus. This pioneering approach empowers event organisers and guests to make more sustainable food choices by providing valuable information on the emissions of greenhouse gases, presented as kg carbon dioxide equivalents (kg CO2e). By assigning values to each food, Sam and his team ensure that customers can easily identify the carbon impact of every item on the menu.

The impact of this initiative is substantial. By offering a variety of alternatives, such as chicken and pork steaks as more sustainable alternatives to the Rib-Eye steak, The Venues Collection has significantly reduced its carbon emissions. Sam’s approach is one of education and choice rather than outright bans, which has led to an equitable split between the classic beefburger and a chicken burger, further lowering the carbon footprint of the venues.

Furthermore, The Venues Collection under Sam’s guidance has made a commitment to reduce food waste through a “root to stem, nose to tail” approach. All food waste is measured and monitored, with 100% of it going to anaerobic digestion to produce green gas. Used cooking oil is also repurposed to produce bio-diesel. These steps not only reduce waste but also contribute to their overall sustainability goals.

Sam has also spearheaded efforts to reduce the use of dairy in their dessert offerings, transitioning to dairy-free alternatives. Popular choices, like sticky toffee pudding, are now vegan-friendly, making a significant impact on carbon emissions.

Joanne Barratt, Managing Director of The Venues Collection, commended Sam’s dedication to the sustainability journey, stating: “Sam has demonstrated outstanding dedication to our journey to become net-zero by engaging his team to create innovative ways of reducing food waste, and championing sustainable food in the events sector.” Barratt further acknowledged Morgan’s ability to break down ambitious sustainability goals into practical and tangible steps that can be understood and acted upon by every team member, from head chefs to kitchen porters.

Amy Newman, Cluster Sales and Office Manager at two TVC venues, praised Sam’s ability to balance client requirements with sustainable aims and commercial needs, ensuring that bespoke menus are adapted from existing dishes to keep sustainability as a top priority. Newman noted that Sam strikes the perfect balance, making it clear that he’s a valuable asset to the sales team.

With this well-deserved recognition in the Micebook Green Power 50, Sam’s contributions to sustainability within the events and catering industry have been acknowledged on a global scale. His dedication, innovation, and leadership have inspired colleagues, peers, and customers to embrace sustainability.

Joanne Barratt concluded, “Sam’s dedication, engagement, innovation, and championing the reduction in carbon across our venues are truly remarkable and worthy of recognition through this Power 50 listing.”

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