Good news for apprenticeship providers

This month, the Government is making it more attractive than ever for companies to launch apprenticeship schemes. Reforms have been introduced that make the programme more user-friendly and reduce the employer’s administrative burden.

The Government’s timing couldn’t be better: CEOs are being advised by management experts to focus on recruiting and retaining the upcoming generation. Meanwhile, put off by the prospect of decades of university debt, more smart school-leavers are abandoning the academic route to go straight into the workplace, so they can learn while they earn.

Training concerns

But while apprenticeships offer a great solution for business and school-leavers alike, some employers are still hesitating on making what is a sizeable investment in junior staff who are as yet, an unknown quantity. Supervision of new recruits is easy at their place of work, but one area of concern relates to those periods when apprentices are receiving essential training that may necessarily be far from their own homes and away from the structured controls of the workplace.

The fact that their youngest recruits may be under eighteen and therefore still legally minors,  adds an extra layer to the company’s duty of care.

What employers may not know, however, is that support is available for apprentices while away on training.  The Venues Collection has made it part of our business offering to cater for the needs of this particular group.


At The Venues Collection, we have addressed the fact that these young guests will be away from their homes, family and friends. Any group of apprentices will include people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, which means that the less confident in the group may experience homesickness or isolation.

The flipside, of course, is the potential for unruly behaviour and even truancy amongst people released from day-to-day supervision. Employers need the reassurance that the young people they continue to be responsible for remotely, are safe from harmful influences.

And in practical terms, it’s crucial that apprentices can easily travel to and from their place of study if that doesn’t happen to be in the building where they are staying.

Best experience

The Venues Collection have tailored our services to ensure that both our apprentice guests and their employers receive the best possible experience.  This starts with our venues themselves: we have seven properties across the country, all located out of city centres but with easy access of motorways and train stations.

As we all know, food is one of life’s great comforters, and our take-away style menus offer familiar and welcome choices that help our apprentice guests feel at home.  We have also created ‘chill out’ areas where they can relax as a group and get better acquainted away from the learning environment.

We offer a dedicated experienced apprenticeship associate who will be on hand to iron out any concerns they may have. For minors, our Duty of Care programme includes safeguarding measures.

Apprenticeship Charter

We can provide transport to and from the apprentices’ learning venue.  And, in addition to breakfast, dinner and accommodation, our venues can offer meeting and training rooms if extra space is needed.

So important are these considerations to TVC as a group, that we have created our own Apprenticeship Charter. This guarantees that regardless of the venue you select from our portfolio, the same level of facilities and services will be available to meet your apprentices’ needs.

Talk to our sales team about booking one of our venues for your next apprentice training course:

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