Eventprofslive: the place for corporate event professionals

It can be lonely being a corporate event manager. Eventprofslive (EPL) was created to enable inhouse or corporate event professionals to network, collaborate and learn from fellow organisers. We caught up with co-founder Michelle Rees to find out more:

Tell me a little bit about you and Kate your co-founds – what’s your background/ how long have you been in events and what sort of events do you organise?

“Kate and I are corporate event managers, and we have built our careers. Kate and I have been in corporate events for a combined 26 years now and have a lot of experience across law, IT and professional services.” 

How would you describe EPL in a few sentences?

“EPL is a networking group for corporate event managers. Each month we run networking events in London, UK-wide or internationally for our members to network and see new spaces.”  

When did you set it up and why?

“About seven years ago, Kate and I noticed a gap in the market for networking groups just for corporate event managers. Many of the existing groups (whilst excellent) were majority PA/EA and agency side, and whilst this is amazing, we wanted to network, collaborate and learn from people doing the same job we did, so Eventprofslive was born and has remained purely corporate event managers ever since.”

Who do you serve/ help?

“We support both the venue/supplier side, and we help other event managers with everything from questions on gaining feedback about a caterer they may be thinking of using to seeing a brand-new hotel opening (we have done quite a few hard hat tours).  

“We help the venue/supplier side by bringing corporate event managers to their spaces, and we help the venue side by providing insight into how the corporate event space may be looking – this was very valuable as we navigated out of the other side of the pandemic. Being able to tell a hotel that we just feel corporates aren’t ready to get back to in-person, budgets are lower etc. is pretty powerful – it’s a two-way street, and we have built some fantastic relationships with our venues and suppliers.”

What do you offer organisers?

“The value we feel is really in the network. We have a WhatsApp chat where our members can ask any questions in day or night, which everyone finds super valuable. We have a ‘members only’ area of our website where we publish member-only offers, white papers, and templates to make their lives smoother which is very popular. We offer our members an opportunity to network all whilst seeing event spaces.”

How can corporate organisers get involved?

“Follow us on social media to see what we are all about, and then drop us an email. We are a super friendly group, and many of the network members have become great friends.”

You can contact Kate and Michelle on: eventprofsnetworking@gmail.com or go to www.Eventprofslive.com for more information

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