Are you EventWell?

EventWell is a great industry resource for everyone working in the events industry. Our managing director Joanne Barratt has just been selected to judge the inaugural Event well Awards so we decided to catch up with Helen Moon – the founder of EventWell – to explain what they do and how they can help eventprofs:

When was EventWell set up?

“We set up EventWell in 2017 with the inaugural Event Wellbeing Week entitled #EventWell17, it was after that we decided to incorporate as a community and charitable social enterprise… the rest as they say!”

Why was it set up?

“EventWell was based on lived experience, and knowing there were so many others like me in the industry that were managing mental health conditions but were unable to be open and honest about it due to the crippling stigma, and fear of how they would be regarded and treated. Hence why we call ourselves the mental health and wellbeing voice of the event industry; we are the voice for every event professional who feels unheard or unsupported. We want to impact this and make change to the industry’s relationship with wellbeing via our values of empathy, culture and self care.”

Who do you help?

“We’re a community social enterprise and our community is the event industry, we have a very clear charitable and social purpose, our beneficiaries as we call them are event professionals. Our profits are invested into the industry and given directly to event professionals in the form of grocery shops, gifts for children, talking therapy and hardship relief grants. We’ve helped 500+ event professionals and given £40k plus in financial support over the last two years to help prevent mental decline in our peers and colleagues.”

What services do you offer?

“We offer mental health at work programmes, our mental health champions programme, mental health awareness training and workshops, as well as mental health first aid training with our partners Balancing Edges. Our newest offering is the on-site mental wellbeing service “Hub by

EventWell” designed to support attendee/visitor and stakeholder mental wellbeing, and neurodiversity with our quiet room and sensory space offering, uniquely designed for event environments.”

“I think the biggest thing here is the consideration that the impact of the pandemic has had on anxiety levels and mental wellbeing, and that in-event wellbeing is going to be crucially important when bringing people back to in person event environments, and to inspire people coming back to events. Spaces like quiet rooms support with this and what is good for the mean is good for the extreme.”

You can catch up with EventWell and experience their quiet room at The Meetings Show in June, or visit their website or give them a call free on 0800 470 0958. Speak to our sales team about having a quiet room at your next event.

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