An interview with Apprentice, Natalie Hulme

We believe that having apprentices in our business is a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

We wanted to share our appreciation for our apprentices by sharing some of their inspirational stories, charting the journey of an amazing team member who is studying for a qualification under an apprenticeship:

In this interview we talk to Natalie Hulme to find out more about their on the job and off the job learning:

Tell us a little about yourself

“I am Director of Sales at Yarnfield Park. I’ve been here for just over four years and I have a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from the School of Politics at Liverpool University. I ran my own hospitality business on the island of St Barths in the French West Indies for more than 10 years before losing it all to Hurricane Irma in 2017. Now, as a member of the venue’s senior management team I am responsible for achieving the revenue target for Yarnfield Park whilst supporting other properties within The Venues Collection.

“When I’m not at work, I love connecting with nature and walking my dogs with my family.”


What are you studying?

“I’m studying the Level 7 Senior Leadership MBA (master’s in business administration), and I will also gain accreditation from the CMI (Chartered Management Institute). I started it in December 2020 and I’m due to finish it in March next year (2023).

Why now?

“It takes a lot of commitment to complete a master’s degree and for me, the timing was crucial – I have two children at home but they are not babies anymore so this was the ideal time for me to be able to dedicate the time and focus to improving my career potential.”

What impact will this qualification have on your career?

“I would love to further my career within Compass Group, so my MBA will assist by opening up new opportunities for me. I am especially passionate about sustainability and the environment and I would very much like to explore this area in more detail.”

How does the study time fit with your ‘day job’?

“Let’s put it this way – I never have any free time! However, what I am learning is worth the time and effort an apprenticeship like mine takes.”

Did you know…?

As well as supporting and developing our team with apprenticeship programmes, we also specialise in providing accommodation for apprentices when they are away from home completing ‘hands on’ type training.

Our Apprentice Charter was launched to help and reassure businesses and outlines our commitment. The Charter demonstrates the expertise in the team and our specialisation in providing accommodation and training rooms tailored to the very specific needs of apprentices. The Charter also includes a ‘duty of care’ programme including safeguarding options available if required.

For more information about our Apprentice Charter or to chat to our team about accommodation for your apprentices, please contact us on:

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