A Focus on Food

Enjoying and sharing food is an important part of our lives and is central to the way in which we gather together to celebrate, to share ideas or learn. Food unites us and can create community; it forges a common identity throughout a group of people who are coming together to share a cultural or religious bond. People love to eat when they are celebrating, because food enhances the experience, promotes interactions between people, and encourages connection.

Traditional dishes are often passed down from one generation to the next and can serve as an expression of cultural identity. People bring the food of their countries wherever they go and cooking and serving traditional food is a way of preserving a group’s culture when in a new place.

Food will undoubtedly play a big part in your next celebration, meeting or retreat and so we would encourage you to choose a venue that can actively work with you to serve the food that will connect your group and can also accommodate the way in which you and your group would like it prepared.

Our chefs are happy to create the traditional dishes that your group would like to share. Over the years we have worked with many cultural groups to follow recipes they have provided and to ensure that the food that we serve for them is made from traditional ingredients and is traditionally made. When a Zambian congregation held a retreat at Yarnfield Park, they asked our chefs to make their traditional Sadza which is a porridge made from ground maize and is a common staple in Zambia. We bring certain Christian traditions to our menus – observing ‘fish Fridays’ for example.

Talk to your group and understand what their needs are and then talk to us; our chefs will happy to work with you, to understand what you would like to eat, and how you would like it to be cooked and served. Our chefs and restaurants also take allergens very seriously – if members of your group have dietary requirements, talk to us about how we can accommodate them.

Meeting up to eat meals together is also really important to many groups. Our venues have large restaurants to accommodate groups so that you can gather together in one place to share meals.

Bringing traditional food into your event can make your participants feel at home and brings warmth and familiarity. Talk to us about how we can accommodate your next retreat or celebratory event; contact our sales team who can tell you more: enquiries@thevenuescollection.co.uk

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