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V = Suitable for Vegetarians

VG = Suitable for Vegans

GF = Suitable for Gluten Free

VGA = Vegan available on request

GFA = Gluten Free on request

A £5 supplement will be charged for your room service order.

If you are on a Dinner inclusive package, your package entitles you to £29.00 allowance towards food, anything above £29.00 will be charged.

The Venues Collection commitment to reach Net Zero by 2030

To help you make informed decisions about the carbon footprint of your meal, we’ve teamed up with Klimato to climate label our menu. The carbon footprint is calculated using a method called Life Cycle Assessment. The label indicates whether the dish has a low, medium or high carbon footprint.


0.1-0.5 kg CO2e

Choose meals with a low climate impact to eat within the planetary boundaries and contribute to reducing emissions from food in line with UN's climate goals.


0.6-1.5 kg CO2e

Meals with a medium climate impact have a carbon footprint comparable to the average lunch or dinner in the UK today, which is roughly 1.6kg CO2e.


1.6+ kg CO2e

Meals with a high climate impact have a higher carbon footprint than the average lunch or dinner in the UK.

In the UK today, an average lunch or dinner has a carbon footprint of approximately 1.6kg CO2e. Click to find out more about carbon labelling.

Kcal and kJ are based on an average serving. Adults need 2000 kcal per day. For all allergies and dietary requirements please see our allergen tablet or speak to a member of our front of house team, we are happy to guide you through your choices to suit your requirements.